Set of 2 Body Sculpting Hand Weights - Soft Neoprene Coated Dumbbell Set - Supplies for Exercise, Workout, Weight Loss, Body Building, & Physical Therapy - For Men, Women, Seniors, Teens, and Y (1 LB)



Brand: Crown Sporting Goods

Color: Fuchsia


  • PUMP IRON with these durable hand weights. Build muscle mass and strength your core with the help of your new workout pal
  • STYLISH AND MODERN: Bright colors and large, clear numbers make these quick and easy to grab while in the zone
  • GET A GRIP: Cast iron wrapped with a thick coat of durable neoprene for a comfy grip that is gentle on hands and doesn’t require gloves
  • USE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Easy to store and perfect for travel. Use for your indoor or outdoor workout regimes. Great for arm rows, squats, chest presses, bicep curls, walking, jogging, & yoga
  • SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: Ideal starting point for workout newbies, seniors, and anyone recovering from surgery

Package Dimensions: 38x127x975

Details: Your Handy, Dandy Workout Buddy

Nothing feels better than a good workout, but it isn’t always ideal to use the heaviest weights you can handle. Some workouts require less intensity.
Now, I know what you’re thinking: What good is a weight that doesn’t challenge me? Don’t be deceived by its lightweight feature. These weights are the perfect complement to aerobic exercise, adding resistance to burn more calories, or as an aid during physical therapy.
Of course, these aren’t just for seasoned runners, gym junkies, or beach body babes. Whether you are a senior citizen or someone looking to get into shape, these weights are an essential part of any wellness routine.
What Crown Customers are Saying…

“I totally recommend them for beginners, especially older folks who haven’t been working out for a long time.”
“I bought the weights for therapy to exercise my hand and wrist after a surgical procedure on my thumb. It is nice that the texture keeps the weight from slipping and is comfortable to use.”
” I got them for my mom, who is dealing with osteoarthritis issues. The weights are very easy to grasp without fear of slipping, and the surface stays clean and smooth. The quality is really good and I’m glad I spent a few extra bucks to get the best. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone looking to build up their muscle strength!”

UPC: 796520342620