REVOLUTONE Fitness Belt and Abdominal Toner Equipment (Regular)




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  • WHAT WILL BE YOUR BENEFIT? Dear customer, summer is coming and it is time to put your into shape and tighten your body. You can create a new version of yourself thanks to the “REVOLUTONE” wearable muscle toner training. Rapidly shape. Tighten your hips, abdomens and limbs with the brand new “ High Quality” abs trainer created by REVOLUTONE. Get rid of your cellulite without any effort.
  • WHAT DOES FITNESS BELT DO? Generates deep yet comfortable contractions that effectively target all your muscles, all at once for an effective workout in just 10 – 20 minutes. The advance design is suitable for use on your abs, waist, legs and buttocks. Training can easily be done anytime and anywhere because of is thin and light.
  • WHAT IS ELECTRICAL MUSCLE STIMULATION ( EMS ) ? Signals are directly sent to muscles and boosted movement by current stimulation. You only need to fit pads to your body and let them exercise your muscles. Use in low modes makes it easier to get used to the product for new users.
  • WHY REVOLUTONE ABS STIMULATOR? It is too simple.” HIGH QUALITY”. The material which is created of specially for “REVOLUTONE” brand, used for the unit is a highly flexible silicone. It is fits to perfectly onto the abdominal, hips, legs, arms muscles, especially cellulite area Its 6 wings are each fitted with electrodes that work directly on the abdominal muscles.
  • DEAR VALUABLE CLIENT – NEED TO PAY ATTENTION? Firstly, Each machines requires 2 AAA batteries, REVOLUTONE do not provide batteries with box, you need to buy it separately. Secondly, when you use the gel pad off your body for about 15~20 times, you need change to with ORIGINAL REVOLUTONE Gel Pad set.

Package Dimensions: 30x218x227



What does Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Do? – More effective than waist trimmer / trainer. There are four main uses for EMS in sport training. First, for the enhancement of maximum strength; second, as a means of recovery; third, as a rehabilitation tool; and fourth, as a motor learning and muscle recruitment tool. Signals are directly sent to your muscles and boosted movement by current stimulation. You only need to fit pads to your body and let them exercise your muscles.
Incredibly Effective and Efficient – It’s amazing seeing and feeling your body muscles flex while relaxing. The EMS ab stimulator device will be able to engage more body muscles for the given muscle group at one time than you would be able to flex using your maximum effort. You will work up from low to higher intensities to fit your fitness level.
Multiple Modes & Intensity Levels – There are 6 modes and 10 intensities available to help muscle growth and fat burning.  As your muscles develop, increase to a proper mode of intensity at a comfortable level to train your muscles for continued progress and definition.
Noticeable Result after Consistent Use – This Muscle Toner is designed for a muscle training program with 20 minutes per time, 1-2 times per day for 6+ weeks. 20-minutes of the toner equates to 30 minutes of intense Sit-ups, 2000M Running, 30 minutes Swimming, or 2 weeks of dieting impact on your target area.
Workout Anywhere Anytime – The EMS Abs toning pad is lightweight, thin, and wireless. Exercise while reading, watching TV or even during business or leisure trips. 30-DAY 24-HOURS CUSTOMER SUPPORT.  In The REVOLUONE is so sure you’ll like the REVOLUTONE muscle toner; if in 30 days you aren’t fully satisfied we will BUY IT BACK!

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