Boxing Reflex Ball Set - 4 Difficulty Levels Great for Reaction Speed and Hand Eye Coordination Training Boxing Equipment Fight Speed, Boxing Gear, Punching Ball Reflex Bag Alternative (Set of 4)



Brand: Champs MMA


  • RAISE YOUR REFLEX – Poor reflexes in the ring lead to painful losses. KO the competition when you refine your reflexes AND hand-eye coordination with Champs MMA’s boxing reflex ball set.
  • READY, SET, SPAR – No need for guards or gloves with Champs MMA’s winning boxing equipment. Begin boxing training ASAP with your set that comes with 1 headband, 4 balls with cords, and 4 extra cords.
  • A BALL FOR EVERY BOXER – Beginner or beast, beef up your skills with Champs MMA’s boxing gear. Your reflex ball set includes 4 balls for you to increase the intensity as you improve your instincts.
  • FITS ANY FIGHTER – Sharpen your skills no matter your size. Your boxing ball features an adjustable Velcro headband plus strings you can shorten to benefit your fitness.
  • NO KNOTS, NO PROBLEM – Never pause your punches to untangle straps. Instead, focus on your fitness without tedious untangling thanks to your boxing accessories’ innovative knot-free rotating buckle.

Package Dimensions: 71x152x259


Martial Artist?

Developing reflexes and reaction speed is an essential part for any martial art, but unfortunately is usually overlooked.

Well drilled and conditioned reflexes, coupled with the right state of mind, will take your sparring and fighting to the next level. The Champs boxing reflex ball should be a part of every fighters boxing equipment collection.

What are the benefits for your kids?

Not only will your kids love it, the benefits for your kids are huge for the price:

It will keep them away from the phone or tablet and get them to move around and work out.

It will develop their hand eye coordination, reaction speed and reflexes.

Cognitive scientists at Indiana University have discovered a strong correlation between hand-eye coordination, learning abilities, and social communication skills. look it up parents. While playing on the phone or tablet hinders those skills.

And of course, your kids will have a lot of fun on the way!

Some customer feedback:

Rachel (US): “I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. it is such a fun way to work out. It’s perfect for all ages and I must admit it gave me a challenge which is just what I needed. Everyone who has came over and tried this has fell in love. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase.”

Pat (US): “I bought for my son to help with his eyes and hands coordination so far he loves it. It keeps him active. Love it.”

Ashik (US): “This thing is amazing! it’s extremely addictive and fun and gets your heart rate going. I work on my computer a lot and take breaks with the reflex ball to get my blood pumping and keep healthy.”

Darren (UK): “Stop wasting your life and buy this now!”