About Us

“At getfitwithapro , I am talking about getting fit totally in all ways physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, so you heal and become whole, healthy, wealthy, wise and loved. You are worthy. You deserve it! As a licensed holistic  psychotherapist and Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor  of 45 years I have helped many people to get fit and lead happy, successful lives. I wrote a book on enlightenment which will be available soon on this site. Even though I have had 45 years of experience this site is new and will take 30-60 days to get all of the resources up here I want to get for you. In the meantime email me at Jeri@getfitwithapro.com with your information of your trials in getting fit and staying fit and what you think has held you back. and I will respond.

Most people have difficulty getting fit physically if they don’t learn to balance their emotions and still their racing mind filled with negative or obsessive thinking and connect with God. They don’t love themselves enough to follow through with setting and accomplishing goals. In addition I am offering a free 20 minute live video chat call to help you get started. Just call me at 727-374-3092 and leave a message on voicemail if I don’t pick up, and let me know you want the free live video chat and send me three days and times you are available for it and I will get back to you with an appointment and email me at Jeri@getfitwithapro.com with a request for one also. Doing both will make sure you get results.